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From a very young age, Adrian Stephens loved telling stories, almost as much as he loved hearing them. Born in southern California, Adrian lived there until he was four, before his family moved him to southern Nevada.

Early on, Adrian learned the value of a good story while his family recanted his toddling escapades; be it his breaking out of his house in the early morning hours and into an unknown neighbor’s house to raid their fridge at two years old, or a year later setting his parents’ bed on fire while his mother was sleeping in it. Thankfully, though the house did not survive, his mother did. The only escapade that resulted in injury came at five, when he tried to lift two hundred pounds off his uncle’s weight bench, falling off the back of the bench and bringing the weight down on his leg. Adrian learned firsthand that legs aren’t supposed to bend above the knee.

Adrian soon realized how much he enjoyed entertaining people through his stories. As original ideas began taking shape, he decided to try developing them on paper. Though he never would have thought himself capable in his youth, a new found inspiration guided Adrian as he worked during lunch breaks and after putting the family to bed each night, to complete his first novel, In My Shoes . The inspiration has continued as Adrian now finds himself working on several new projects, to be completed over the next several years.

For more information about Adrian, visit the author's website at www.adrianstephens.com!
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S.A. Cameron has been writing young adult fiction for years, though the dramatic departure from his standard target audience led him to assume a pen name for this work. Staying true to his strengths, S.A. draws from his experiences, personal relationships and research to take extraordinary and fantastic circumstances and ground them in reality. The result is stories that are both fresh and relatable.

For more information about S.A., visit the author's website at www.sacameron.com!